The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #158 – Quick Paleo Meals, Frozen Portable Shower, and How Caffeine Might Be Killing Your Success


Quick Paleo Meals

I’m always looking for quick and easy paleo dinners for nights when I just don’t feel like spending the night cooking and I recently came across this post. There are a lot of great looking recipes in this list. They started the post off strong with two of my own favorites; steak & eggs and chicken fajitas.

Bicycle Flat Tire Permanent Repair: How to Fix Flat Tire

This device isn’t out yet, but it looks pretty damn awesome. My coworker sent this to me after overhearing me talking about all the flats I’ve been getting when riding into work. I’ve had at least 6 flats in the last two weeks. On the plus side, I’m getting pretty quick at patching them!

The Paleo problem: Examining the pros and cons of the Paleo Diet

Here’s 4000 words of research about the paleo diet, the good and the bad. Mostly the bad. This document dispels some of the most common arguments that paleo advocates make for the diet. This guide talks about what the paleo diet is, the evidence that shows that some foods that are considered off-limits in the paleo diet are actually good, and quite a bit more. Set aside some time to read through this.

Frozen Portable Shower

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, but I came across it again and wanted to share it. This is useful if you play outdoor sports with friends. All you do is get a little plastic container, put some shower gel in the bottom, pour water on top and freeze it. Put it in a cooler and when you’re done playing, use the shower gel side to soap up and the other side to rinse off. Neat!

Mount Evans Chill Climb

This cycling crew took Denver’s B-Cycle bikes (heavy, single speed cruiser bikes) up to Mt. Evans, which is North America’s Highest Auto Road. It started as a joke and they all knew it was a terrible idea, but they did it! Check out all the great pics and the video.

How Resistant Starch Will Help to Make You Healthier and Thinner

Resistant starch seems to be a great way to feed beneficial gut bacteria. It can improve insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation in the gut, and it might even help you lose weight. The benefits are expected when consuming about 15 to 30 grams daily, but you’ll need to take it slow while your gut adjusts. It’s not something I’ve tested on myself yet, but I plan to. I’ll probably start by adding potato starch to my smoothies. There’s a great PDF here with a chart listing foods that contain resistant starch, including the amount of resistant starch per 100 grams of food.

7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Microwave is Your Paleo BFF

Are you scared to use your microwave? According to scientific research you shouldn’t be, but I have to admit that I’ve questioned the safety of the microwave over long-term. I still use it though ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Low-Carb Diets

The low-carb, ketogenic diet philosophy has grown popular lately and just like with any diet, some fans in these circles have let dogma take over their line of thinking. Chris Kresser does an awesome job discussing the common misconceptions about low-carb diets. And as always on Chris’s posts, there’s a great discussion happening in the comments section.

Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success

This is why I limit myself to only 1 cup per day. I mean that literally. I sometimes even drink as little as a 1/2 cup measurement. I often hear people say they drink only one or two cups per day, but they actually mean a large glass mug, a tall travel mug, or a tall paper cup from Starbucks. According to this research, there are quite a lot of bad things that coffee can cause. I wonder if there’s any difference in the type of coffee, such as something really high quality like Bulletproof Coffee.

Skin ‘sees’ the light to protect against sunshine

Shawn Stevenson from the “The Model Health Show” podcast was a guest on Pat Flynn’s marketing podcast recently and he was discussing sleep hacks. He mentioned that while using a sleep mask is a good thing, it’s best to sleep in complete darkness because the skin has photoreceptors and can still “see” the light. Really interesting stuff!

Homemade Ghee

I buy organic grass-fed ghee from the supermarket (from Purity Farms and it’s affordable so I have no need to make this, but I wanted to post this recipe for anyone who doesn’t have access to ghee at their local grocery store.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #157 – Paleo Mayo Recipe, Homemade Sunscreen, and Why Assisted Pullups With Elastic Bands Is a Bad Idea


Paleo Mayonnaise

I’ve tried making mayo before with no luck, but I made this one and it came out great. I think the key might be the size of the container. This time I made it in a tall round container that was just a little bigger than the immersion blender. I used avocado oil and it’s freakin’ delicious.

Non-Toxic Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

I’m interested in making my own natural sunscreen because I hate how costly good sunscreens are and I also don’t feel like the best sunscreens on the market are really that good. You might already have a lot of these ingredients in your cupboard, but if not, the entire list of ingredients would cost about $84.57. You’d be able to make several batches with this though and after that, you’d probably only need to stock up on a couple of things with plenty of other ingredients still left over.


These sure do look good don’t they?

The One Probiotic Supplement You Need to be Taking

Did you know that the intestinal wall that keeps the contents of the intestines – the food you eat – from passing through is only one cell thick? This is why gut permeability (“leaky gut”) happens. When we take antibiotics, steroids, and medications, we weaken that wall. Stress, harmful bacteria and gluten also work against that barrier. But one of the key things all of us can do, especially those suffering from leaky gut, is to take a probiotic containing Lactobacillus plantarum. Research has shown that Lactobacillus plantarum can significantly reduce gut lining permeability, which in turn can reduce inflammation of the body, making it stronger and more resistant to undesirable substances.

Barefoot running survey: Evidence from the field

Remember that lawsuit against Vibram back in May? So Vibram might have made false claims about what their shoes can do, but only because there is no scientific research behind it. It doesn’t mean that their claims aren’t true and this survey is a pretty good example of how beneficial barefoot shoes are, if used correctly. I’ve actually used barefoot shoes to help with knee problems in the past, so I know that they can be beneficial, at least for me.

Is Glass Bakeware Safe Anymore? The Dangers Of Exploding Glass Dishes

I never thought about my glass bakeware exploding. It’s never happened to me. I have had a glass plate explode in the microwave once though. That was kinda scary. After reading this article and watching the Consumer Reports video, I don’t want to use my glass bakeware anymore. Looks like the issue is really just that if you’re cooking at really high temperatures, you shouldn’t set the glass dish on a cold surface right out of the oven.

Elastic bands are doing more harm to your pull-up progress than good

Using elastic bands to assist in doing pullups is a common recommendation by fitness experts. Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. It prevents a full range of motion and doesn’t engage all of the necessary muscles needed to be able to eventually do pullups unassisted. So what are your options if you can’t do a pullup yet? Well, you can still do assisted pullups, just not with resistance bands. Check out the article for links to instructional videos.

Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

The long title explains it all. Buy organic when you can!

7 Exercises Fitness Experts Wish You Would Stop Doing

All great points, although the “curls in the squat rack” tip is a big of a cop-out. It’s a common joke, but not really helpful. A common theme in a couple of these tips, although not specifically mentioned, is that people shouldn’t be doing isolation exercises because there are much more beneficial exercises to do. Isolation exercises just aren’t useful for the common gym-goer.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #156 – Probiotics For Treating Fatty Liver Disease, Health Risks of E-Cigarettes, and 10 Benefits of Deadlifts


Consuming probiotics for a month helps diminish fat accumulation in the liver, according to a new study

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is when more than 5-10% of the liver is fat. NAFLD is more likely to develop in people who are obese or who have diabetes. This study found that by giving rats probiotics for a month, the accumulation of fat that’s stored in their liver was less than what was stored in rats who did not receive the probiotics. The probiotics used in the study were Lactobacillus paracasei, Bifidobacterium breve, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

Vanilla Pudding Pops with Homemade Magic Shell

I’m definitely making these!

Studies Reveal Health Risks Of E-Cigarettes

It’s really too bad that e-cigs aren’t very healthy, because I think they could be a great alternative to real cigarettes. It’s not really a huge surprise to me though. I was a smoker for about 15 years and I quit by using an e-cig and eventually weaning myself down to lower nicotine levels. E-cigs aren’t approved as smoking cessation devices, but they worked for me, and despite the potential negative effects, I’m thankful that they helped me kick my terrible smoking habit.

10 Benefits of Deadlifts You Probably Never Knew

If you want to burn fat, increase hormones, fix your posture, build more muscles, improve grip strength, prevent injury and improve cardio, deadlifts are cheap, easy and one of the safest exercise you can do.

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient!

Bananas! I love bananas so much! Frozen banana ice cream is way healthier than store-bought ice cream. We sometimes make small frozen banana/peanut butter disks for dog treats too.

How To Make Caramelized Onions in a Slow Cooker

I’ve never actually made caramelized onions before because I just don’t want to stand around for hours making them. Making them in the crockpot though, is doable. And freezing them into ice cubes to save for later is such a great idea!

Top 6 Challenge Workouts

Challenge training is sort of like turning your workout into a game. It could be something like trying to do as many reps as you can within 20 minutes or increasing reps/weights each set until you can’t take it anymore. Some of these workouts are the kind that will leave you gasping for air and running to a trash can to vomit in. These workouts are contributed by Dan John, a well known strength and conditioning coach. If you’re looking to switch things up, give one of these a try.

Mobility Drills and Foam Rollers Suck

The author of this article, Jesse Irizarry is a strength and conditioning coach who claims that people are wasting time with mobility drills and foam rollers when they should be warming up with exercises that work the muscles that they will be working on during their workout. It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone, because not only do you get your warmup in, but you also work out your muscles with beneficial lifts for increased strength. Right after reading this I went into the basement to try the Sotts presses and I could barely do just the 45 lb. bar without falling over.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #155 – Gelatin for Joint Pain, The Dangers of Going Gluten Free, and Making 5 Meals Out of 1 Roast


I ride my bike to work everyday and I always record my rides in case I’m hit by a car, but I never thought to put any of my footage online. I occasionally come across some interesting things, so I decided that I’d upload it to YouTube and post it here. I’m going with two categories for now – “things that annoy cyclists” and “things that cyclists love.”

I’ve already published a couple of videos recently, but keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

But for now, check out some of the cool things I’ve read lately.

Gelatin/Collagen Really Does Work For Joint Pain!

This study took 147 athletes and studied their use of gelatin over 24 weeks. They found that there were significant improvements in the participants in regards to pain, and they only used about 10 grams per day. I’ve had joint pain for longer than I can remember. It hasn’t been so bad in the last year, but I still want to do what I can to stop it entirely and prevent it from coming back later, which is why I purchased some grass-fed gelatin from Great Lakes. I was using it regularly for a while, but then I just stopped drinking smoothies for some reason. I need to get back into that habit of that.

Grain Free Breakfast Pizzas

Ooh, now these look tasty. The recipe seems pretty easy too.

The Kitchn’s Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Don’t store fruits and vegetables together. Remove ties and rubber bands. Trim leafy ends. Poke holes the bags you store your food in (I don’t use bags at all). Most fruits will ripen on the counter but some will deteriorate. Those are the basics, but this post covers 29+ individual fruits, veggies, and herbs.

10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing

GMO’s are killing bees, contaminating non-GMO crops, creating superbugs and “super weeds”, and destroying biodiversity. This article also claims that GMO’s could be increasing suicide rates in India.

The Most Common FMS Squat Question

The question covered here is “Why is it important to maintain toes forward in a deep squat test on the Functional Movement Screen?” You can listen to the audio for a detailed explanation or just scan the notes below it for a quick run through.

Crockpot Pulled Pork: 1 Pot, 5 Awesome Meals

I don’t eat pork because I can’t find high quality pork anywhere, but I don’t see why these recipes wouldn’t work with grass-fed beef. I’ll be trying them with beef for sure. Sprouts actually has grass-fed beef roasts on sale this week for $5 per lb. Score!

The “Dangers” of Going Gluten-Free

Did you know that wheat is fortified with nutrients that our bodies need? If you go paleo, you might not be getting those nutrients unless you are eating a varied diet. Wheat is also a good pre-biotic for our gut bacteria, but we can replace it with fermentable fibers and resistant starches from certain fruits and vegetables.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #154 – Why You Can’t Remember Being a Baby, Why Sunscreen in the US Sucks, and Food Ingredients That Sound Dangerous But Aren’t


Research explains why you canโ€™t remember being a baby (Science Alert)

When we’re babies we form brain cells at a higher rate than at any other time of our lives, because we’re learning so much. New research suggests that all the new neurons that we form as infants could be pushing out established memory circuits.

Paleo Portion Sizes: How Much Is Just Right?

People are so used to restricting how many calories they eat that they find it hard to believe that calories aren’t as meaningful when they’re on a paleo diet. That doesn’t mean the paleo diet can’t be unhealthy though. You need to eat a variety of foods for optimal nutrition and you certainly shouldn’t gorge yourself everyday.

Death by Caffeine

This neat little tool will tell you much caffeine it would take to kill you based on your drink of choice (coffee, energy drink, etc.) and your bodyweight. The only caffeine I drink is coffee, so based on my bodyweight (154 lb.), it would take 97.77 cups of coffee to kill me.

Your Sunscreen Is Really Out of Date. Here’s What Congress Is Doing About It

I’ve never been happy with the ingredients in even the best of sunscreens I can find, but I didn’t realize that it was because I live in the U.S. Sunscreen has evolved so much around the rest of the world. It’s good to see that the FDA approval process is finally being expedited after being stalled for 12 or more years.

18 Ingredients That Sound Dangerous, But Aren’t

It’s common for people to say that if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t put it in your body, and in many cases that’s probably true, but not all cases. For example, did you know that propylene glycol alginate is simply a powder derived from kelp and algae? Or how about carboxymethyl cellulose, which is derived from the cellulose of plants and trees.

Google Maps App Will Show Cyclists the Flattest Route

This is a cool Google Maps update. I’ve pretty much ridden all the different routes I can take to and from work so I don’t really need this feature but it would be cool to have if I decide to take a weekend ride up to the mountains. It’s Android-only now so if you have an iPhone, you’ll have to wait.

This Infographic Shows How to Prevent Bites from Dangerous Animals

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and in the mountains, like many of us here in Colorado, you should probably know how to protect yourself from dangerous animal bites.

Is There Really a Benefit to Special Exercise Clothing?

I’ve worked out in many different types of clothes in various climates and situations. I absolutely recommend specialized clothing. I have cycling shorts with a padded butt and a short-sleeved cycling jersey for riding in the summer. I also have cold weather gear for riding or jogging in the winter. I have workout clothes for home too. All of it is sweat wicking. When I first starting working out, I wore cotton t-shirts and that sucked. Some people will say that working out isn’t meant to be comfortable, but screw them. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t enjoy your workout and you’re not likely to stick with it.

Review: The Hatfield Strapworth is expensive but worth considering for PF relief

I’ve never had to deal with plantar fasciitis before so i had no idea that people needed products like this. Good to know if I ever have issues or if I meet someone who does.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #153 – The Ethics of Smart Drugs, Quick Ways to Peel Potatoes and Shuck Corn, and a Paleo Pizza Crust


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a a “best of” update, but not because I haven’t been reading anything. I’ve just been so busy on the weekends, which is when I normally post these updates. So this week I’m bringing you a bigger update than usual. Enjoy!

Put down the smart drugs โ€“ cognitive enhancement is ethically risky business

This article discusses the possibility of smart drugs, such as ritalin and modafinil, becoming so common that every one will need to use them just to get through school or to keep a job. I think it’s a great discussion to have, because really, why wouldn’t people start using them to get an edge on their competition? The implications of this is scary. If smart drugs become as commonplace as something like coffee, we could be expected to perform better all the time or risk losing employment, and businesses might hire fewer people who are willing to work longer hours. Sports enhancing drugs is a common problem right now, even for athletes who don’t want to take them because they feel like they need to take drugs just to keep up with everyone else in the sport who is using them. The same could happen with smart drugs and daily life.

15 Non-Kitchen Tools to Use in the Kitchen

Here are the few that I really liked: use heating pads to incubate yogurt or to raise bread dough, use bobby pins to remove cherry pits, and separate egg whites from yolks with a water bottle.

Exercise During Chemo

Two small studies, both performed in 2006, showed that physical exercise, relaxation, massage, and body awareness exercises increase muscle strength and aerobic fitness and can also significantly decrease the symptoms cancer patients suffer due to chemotherapy.

Quick way to peel new potatoes

This is a drill with a toilet brush attached (new toilet brush of course). This is being demonstrated on New Potatoes, or freshly harvested young potatoes, which are softer than larger potatoes, so I’m not sure if this will work for all potatoes.

How the Sweetener Industry Sugar-Coats Science

Another example of how big business intimidates and influences scientists and health organizations into not telling the whole truth about the foods we eat.

Dan Kois on His Month Without Sitting

We’ve all heard about how sitting can take years off of our lives. Dan Kois, a professional writer and editor, has heard this too and he decided to go to the other extreme. He didn’t sit down for a whole month except to drive, sleep, or poop, and once during a theatrical play. Standing all the time is just as bad as sitting all the time, but hey, it was for the story! I feel exhausted just reading this article.

Most Popular Fitness Trends – The Onion

I have to admit that I haven’t tried any of these workouts yet, although I’ve witnessed “Competitively Trying To Run Faster Than The Asshole Next To You On The Treadmills” routine many times in the past ๐Ÿ˜‰

NY style paleo pizza crust. Yes, really

I haven’t tried this pizza recipe yet, but I’m saving it here for later. I really miss pizza…

Which Weight Loss Supplements Are Best?

The researchers at do a lot of interesting tests of supplements. This news release doesn’t go into detail regarding specific brands, but they do show which types of supplements passed their test for quality and which show real evidence that they can help with weight loss. At the top of the list is 7-keto DHEA, followed by conjugated linoleic acid, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and finally garcinia cambogia extract. Due to potentially dangerous caffeine content, none of the herbal stimulant blends they tested passed all quality tests.

How Dangerous Is Licking a Batter-Covered Spoon?

I never the lick the spoon if I make something that contains eggs, despite the strong temptation. One of my biggest worries about homemade ice cream is that the eggs aren’t cooked. I still make it though! It looks like recommends cooking the eggs at 160 degrees F, and then using it. Good idea!

The Rich Food Summer BBQ Guide

We all love to BBQ during the summer, but many of us don’t use best practices regarding our health. This BBQ guide from Jason and Mira Calton, the authors of Rich Food Poor Food, provides tips on how to prevent HCA formation (chemicals that cause cancer), how to avoid overcooking, how to protect against toxins, how to choose the healthiest meats and how to prepare your food in the best way possible. There are some great summer recipes in here too.

Penny In Yo Pants on Vimeo

Here’s a quick little tip for the ladies who want to wear skirts when they ride their bikes.

Easiest way to cook and shuck a corn

I try to cook all of my food traditionally as often as possible, not only because I think it’s healthier, but because it tastes better, but I’m willing to use the microwave to try this one out.

The Oatmeal’s DOs and DO NOTs of Running your First Marathon

Hilarious…and totally true ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #152 – Get More Useful Data Out Of the Strava App, DIY Deodorant, and Preserving Garden Herbs for Winter



There are several great running and cycling tracking apps such as Map My Run, Runkeeper and Strava. I personally use Strava, but I don’t think any of them are really better than the other. But if you do use Strava, I just discovered this awesome web app that collects your Strava data and lets you nerd out on statistics.

2 Ingredient DIY Deodorant That Works!

All you need is baking soda and an essential oil of your choice. This actually sounds promising, just because baking soda is great for so many things, but then again, natural deodorants never seem to work for me. I’ve never made my own though, so I’ll give it a try.

The Case Against Antibacterial Soap

Antibacterial soap contains an ingredient called triclosan, which is bad for our health and the environment. The FDA even says that antibacterial soap doesn’t work any better than regular soap. There’s just no reason to use it.

The Best Way to Preserve Herbs: Organic Gardening

I’ve tried dehydrating herbs before and I didn’t like the way they came out so I never tried saving the herbs from my garden again, but the method described in this post sounds like it would work great.

Lightning-fast recovery tips

Ben Greenfield contributed this article to, but these tips will work for anyone putting their body through the strenuous exercise. To sum it up – do deep tissue work, use kinesiology tape, and apply cold to injured areas.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #151 – An Athlete’s First Experience With Bulletproof Coffee, Why You Shouldn’t Eat Rancid Nuts, and 10 Easy and Cheap Biohacks You Should Try


Bulletproof Coffee Is Not for the Faint of Heart

This is a writer’s personal experience with using Bulletproof coffee. It’s a great descriptive story about how Bulletproof affects the mind and body, and then ends hilariously. If you’re a beginner to MCT oils like this writer is, don’t worry, your body will adapt ๐Ÿ˜‰

Your Nose Should Know – When Fats Become Oxidized

Over the last week, I’ve been slowly working my way through a bag of rancid shelled sunflower seeds because I hate to waste anything. They weren’t absolutely terrible, but definitely not tasty either. I finally decided to look up what the negative repercussions might be and now I know that eating rancid nuts and seeds can increase risk of cancer and atherosclerosis, and it can cause inflammation in many parts of the body. I promptly threw the rest of the seeds away after reading this article.

10 Effective, Easy And Cheap Biohacks Anyone Can Try

Here’s a free 18 page e-book with biohacks everyone can do. You have to sign up to their newsletter to get it, but after looking at all the awesome content they publish, I had no hesitation. You can always unsubscribe later anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars (made from almond milk pulp)

I make homemade almond milk two or three times per week. We love almond milk in our house. But it really sucks having to throw it away all the pulp leftover because it seems like such a waste. Well waste no more! Instead use the leftover pulp to make these tasty cookie dough bars. We actually stopped trying to find ways to reuse almond milk pulp and just leave it in. Our Vitamix does a pretty good job of blending up real good, but we have to shake it up every time we use it.

One Ingredient 100% Mexican “NOT CORN” tortillas– LEGIT! and Paleo

This is a lot more work than making corn tortillas, but I’ll definitely give it a try. I already have a tortilla press. I guess boiling some plantains isn’t too much more difficult.

Is Bacon Healthy? Don’t Be Stupid

The writer, Skip Hill, a competitive bodybuilder, NPC judge, and nutritional consultant discusses why he believes that bacon is unhealthy. He makes a lot of good points. One question in particular that I had is how he would feel about pigs not fed a corn-based diet and instead grass-fed.

Fitness fanatic Kai Sedgwick claims to be in great shape despite only eating MCDONALD’S

Gross. He ate McDondalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday for a month, while also doing strenuous workouts. He claims to have lost 27% of his bodyfat and gained 2.7kg in muscle mass. He seems to be a fit and health-conscious guy. He just wanted to see what would happen by eating only Mickey D’s. Interesting experiment, but probably not safe in the long-term.

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Paused Deadlift

This article talks about the paused deadlift, an accessory movement that can help increase strength and explosiveness off the floor, increase time under tension in trouble spot, and train people to engage the lats to a higher degree, resulting in better form.

Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth

I learned a TON from this post! I don’t know if it was because I was vegan or because of my lip rings, but while I was vegan, I incurred extreme gum recession on my front teeth. I removed the rings before my wedding last year. Anyway, despite the cause, the newly exposed teeth were extremely sensitive and were really painful some days. I didn’t do anything about it because I thought there was nothing I could do. Well after deciding to go paleo, the pain went away and it might be because I stopped eating fruit. Not entirely, but I cut back a lot. When I was vegan, fruit was a large part of my diet, but now I eat a piece of fruit maybe three times per week and my teeth never hurt anymore. Now I want to implement everything else I’ve learned from this article.

How-to Make Coconut Milk Yogurt

I can’t wait to try this. I love coconut milk yogurt, but I don’t like how expensive it is or all the weird ingredients in the store-bought version so I don’t buy it anymore.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #150 – Should You Claim a Refund From Vibram, How Gluten Effects Non-Celiacs, and The Best Sunscreens for Kids

Those Vibram Shoe Refunds? I’m Not Claiming One

A coworker brought this topic up the other day, knowing that I wear Vibram’s. I pretty much told him the same thing that this guy wrote. Vibrams aren’t a miracle health cure but they are great for some people, me for example, and I’ll continue wearing them. Mark Sisson has similar thoughts.

Stem cells as future source for eco-friendly meat

If we replace industrially farmed meat with stem-cell meat and locally produced, naturally raised animals, we just might still be able to save this planet that we’ve destroyed so quickly.

Does Gluten Have Any Effect on Non-Celiacs?

For some people it might not actually be gluten that’s causing their health issues, but rather a wheat sensitivity. Even so, there’s plenty of evidence showing that going gluten-free is beneficial in helping people with many issues, such as fibromyalgia, autism, type 1 diabetes, schizophrenia, depression, and ataxia.

GMO labels cost families $800/year: Guess who paid for the study?

Of course the study was funded by a company that likely led to research bias. It’s frustrating that we have to constantly question the results of research studies.

Is Cholesterol Killing Us? A Beginnerโ€™s Guide to Cholesterol

Steve over at Nerd Fitness did a great job of explaining how important cholesterol is and how its various forms work in our bodies. It’s a fun read and very educational.

Best Baby & Kid’s Sunscreens of 2014

Lucie’s List is our go-to source for everything baby-related. She has researched just about everything you could ever imagine. This post highlights several of the best sunscreen lotions and sprays you can buy for your kids.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #149 – Easy Probiotic Recipes, The Best Multivitamin Ever, and a Real Food Shopping Guide For Costco


5 Easy Ways to Consume More Probiotics

The only homemade probiotic in this list that I’ve made is kombucha but I’d love to try making all the others. Maybe I’ll try the kefir soda. That sounds pretty tasty.

A Primal Primer: Leaky Gut

Leaky gut has been linked to a bunch of health issues such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, asthma, autism, arthritis, depression and many others. And even if you don’t have health issues, keeping your gut in good health can only make you feel and perform better. There are some great tips in here on how to test for, prevent and fix gut permeability.

Orange Creamsicles {using coconut milk}

It’s about that time where the days are getting hot and I want popsicles and ice cream. I can’t wait to make these. Orange creamsicles were one of my favorites as a kid.

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs

Making hard-boiled eggs is frustrating. There are a lot of articles online claiming to know the best way to make hard-boiled eggs, and from my experience, those tips never seem to work. Well, the folks at Serious Eats have spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out and I think they got it. I tested it myself. I dropped cold eggs straight out of the fridge into boiling water, I let the eggs cook and then put them right back into the fridge out of the pot and let them sit overnight. They pealed almost perfectly in morning.

What Is The Best Multivitamin?

We’ve all seen the claims from the media that multivitamins are useless, but those claims are very generalized and don’t look at the whole picture. What if you could find a multivitamin that came in a capsule, you only had to take it twice a day, it has all the nutrients you need (and more), it’s vegan-friendly, it doesn’t contain nasty fillers, has no GMOS, it’s certified safe for all athletes, and all of the ingredients come from the highest quality sources. That’s a lot to ask for isn’t it? Well it exists and Ben Greenfield did all the hard work to find it. It’s sold by Thorn Research and it’s called Multi AM/PM Complex. You get two bottles of 90 pills for only $60. I’m definitely buying these.

Oil pulling for oral health: Miracle mouth cure? Or new age hippy hype?

Oil pulling is as good as mouth wash for fighting gingivitis and bad breath and there are claims that it may also help whiten teeth. All this without the toxic ingredients of common mouthwash. I still haven’t tried it, but after reading this, I plan to.

Testimonial: I Almost Gave Up

Another amazing story showing how food (not the FDA’s recommendations) can heal out bodies. This guy was overweight, had depression, extreme migraine headaches due to a brain injury, and was on a bunch of different medications. He bought Robb Wolf’s book, went paleo and fixed everything!

The Ultimate Guide to Interval Training

I like the way this infographic is laid out. It’s dissected into sections such as explaining what HIIT training is, the benefits of HIIT training, some sample workouts, and then it’s all joined back into one large useful graphic, ready to be republished on other sites. Neat!

Real Food Shopping Guide for Costco

I haven’t shopped at Costco in a couple of years. I ate fairly healthy then, but I’ve since been vegan and now paleo, and I’ve learned a lot more about healthy eating in that time. I was actually just thinking about renewing my membership and two weeks ago I started writing down a list of things that I wanted to see if they sold, but this shopping guide pretty much has it covered. Looks like I’ll be renewing!