The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #121 – Using Coconut Oil As Sex Lube, Getting Better Sleep, and Determining If Deep Squats Are Right For You


Coconut oil: a natural lube

We’ve started using coconut oil on Michelle’s belly while she’s pregnant to help prevent stretch marks, and the other day I accidentally used too much and got oil everywhere. I was concerned about the safety of the oil being so close to her private parts so I thought I should look it up. It’s safe! During my research I also found this forum post about using coconut oil as a sexual lubricant. The posters say that the coconut oil may help with people who suffer from yeast infections and it might also be safe to use on latex condoms (although you should definitely be cautious, as oils are known to break down latex).

Skipping breakfast might do a dieter good, scientists say

There are many benefits of intermittent fasting, which you can find if you do a quick search on my site. This article doesn’t focus on those benefits, but instead on the fact that people who skip breakfast often don’t end up making up for the calories lost at a later time in the day. It’s a good way to reduce your total daily calories if you’re trying to lose weight.

Staircase Blocks

I’ve never seen these before. They look very convenient and super-easy to build. All you need is two 32″ x 8″ blocks of wood that you can cut “steps” into and you’re good to go. I don’t know how much one block of wood at those dimensions would cost, but it’s probably not too expensive. And as long as you aren’t lifting extremely heavy or dropping the bar on block, you’re probably fine starting with just one block.

Get Better Sleep

I’ve seen these massive posts from Ben Greenfield before but I haven’t read most because of their length, but the last couple he’s done have blown me away. I’m going to go back and read as many of these as I can. This one was amazing!

Q&A: Why Reverse Grip Bench Press?

If you suffer from pain from doing bench press, for example in your forearms, elbows or shoulders, try doing reverse grip bench presses instead. I’ve done reverse grip bench presses before, but not because I was suffering from pain. I don’t remember what the benefit was anymore, but I do remember that I couldn’t lift anywhere near what my normal bench was.

Do You Need to Squat Deeply?

I really want to be one of those people who are able to deep squat with good form, but I think it’s just not built in for me. I haven’t performed deep squats with heavy weight in about 2 months because of a knee injury I suffered while doing deep squats. I really worked hard to go below parallel and I put so much focus on my form, but then my right knee started to hurt like hell and it hasn’t stopped since. It has gotten slightly better over time, but the minute I do squats again, the pain comes back for several days. I still can’t run due to the pain either. I went to my physician and she says it’s not an ACL or meniscus injury based on the exercises she performed, but instead something called “runners knee.” I’ve been given pills for inflammation and a worksheet of rehabilitative exercises. As much pain as the squat has caused me, I’m afraid to do them again. That’s not to say I don’t want to though. I love squatting heavy weight. I miss it.

Top 10 Muscle Building Exercises For A Globo Gym

This is all you need. Most of these exercises are always in my routine, although I might add a few isolation exercises just to change things up and keep my routines fun. Here’s part 2 with some additional variations to those basic exercises.

Buh-Bye Horrific Chemicals!!

There are chemicals in everything we use around the house these days and I wouldn’t doubt if they are part of the reasons why more people suffer from health conditions like cancer or developmental issues. That’s why we try to use only homemade or natural cleaners, and why I just bought a hand steamer (no chemicals at all!)

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