The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #162 – Common Paleo Mistakes, Cooking Juicy Chicken, and a New Take on HIIT Training That You’ll Love


Here’s what we have this week:

  • Common paleo mistakes
  • Tips to help you love running
  • Using turmeric to treat depression
  • How to dominate leg day
  • How to get fit and have fun
  • Two tips for preventing knee tendonitis

5 Common Paleo Mistakes

I follow the Paleo community fairly closely and I see people making these mistakes all the time. I’m not going to lie, I make the same mistakes. But sometimes I just have to have a little comfort food and if that means eating a gluten-free bread, then I will. I don’t suffer from a serious health problem like Dr. Wahls does but if I did I would probably follow her advice to a T. For now, I’m still going to eat gluten-free bread occasionally and I’m going to enjoy honey too.

8 Ways to Juicy Chicken

Dry chicken sucks! I’m a big fan of the poaching method because it’s so easy and the chicken stays nice and juicy every time. The steaming method in this article sounds interesting too.

The Tips That Made Lena Dunham Learn to Love Running

I’m not much of a fan of running myself so perhaps I could learn a few things from this article. My wife has taken up running over the summer and it has been quite motivating. She’s FitMotherRunner on Instagram if you want some motivation too! I’m still not running much, but I’m tempted to get out there and hit the pavement a lot more because of her.

Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression

I bought a large bag of turmeric a long time ago after learning about all of its health benefits, but I can never bring myself to use it because I hate how it stains everything.

All In: How to Dominate Leg Day

I use pretty much all of the tips mentioned in this article and I feel like they really help me get through leg workouts. The only tip I don’t use is the one about leaving the phone in the locker, because I use my phone for music and to track my sets and reps. I also use it to read fitness articles during rest periods.

A Way to Get Fit and Also Have Fun

The method described here is basically a variation of the HIIT training method but with a little twist. They call it the 10/20/30 method, but it works backwards – the concept is that you do an exercise at a light intensity for 30 seconds, a moderate intensity for 20 seconds, and high-intensity for 10 seconds. The study mentioned here was performed on average exercisers and they found that these people shaved off an average of 38 seconds on their 5K times and ended up sticking to the program even after the study was finished. Very interesting!

Keep Knee Tendonitis Away with these Two Tips

I have a lot of knee pain because I squat a lot in the gym and I do a lot of cycling back-and-forth to work. It also probably doesn’t help that I sit at a desk all day at work. I definitely need to start doing some glute strengthening and calf stretch exercises such as the ones mentioned in this post. He uses a Bosu ball for the calf stretch and I don’t own one, so I’ll just go with a plain old regular calf stretch.

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