The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #163 – Hack Your Sleep Starting Now, Facts Behind the Viral Coca-Cola Infographic, and 5 Ways to Build Grip Strength

sleep induction mat

Lots of fun stuff this issue.

Dave Asprey published a whole bunch of actionable tips for hacking your sleep, which I plan to start implementing right away. That’s me with my sleep-induction mat in the picture above!

Oh and did you see that Coca-Cola infographic that has been going around social media lately? It talks about all the bad stuff that happens in the body after drinking Coca-Cola. Well while a lot of it is true, it’s a big exaggerated.

I’ve also got a link to some easy slow cooker recipes, one of which I’m making today, which is the slow cooker sesame chicken. I can’t wait to eat tonight!

There are also some links here about Kama Sutra positions you should try, methods for building your grip strength, and 15 vegan popsicle recipes.

I hope you find some of this stuff useful!

How to Hack Your Sleep: The Art and Science of Sleeping

This article is awesome! It’s basically a quick reference list of actionable tips you can start doing immediately to get better sleep. And did you know that cortisol kicks in at 11pm to keep you awake? I didn’t!

Soda infographic goes viral: How does cola really affect the body?

I’ve been seeing this infographic all over the place. This article talks about how the facts in this graphic are a little exaggerated. Still, we really shouldn’t be drinking unhealthy beverages like Coca-Cola.

11 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Summer

I love slow cooker recipes, especially now that I have a daughter. I can get everything together in the evening and turn it on in the morning when I leave for work. Get home and dinner is done! The slow cooker bread recipe sounds interesting because it allows you to throw it right into the cooker without waiting for the dough to rise.

5 Kama Sutra Sex Positions You Should Try

There would be no wars if we all practiced Kama Sutra. Amiright?

5 Ways to Build a Vice Grip

Funny timing with this one because I’ve been concerned with my grip strength after trying to do the monkey bars when I took my daughter to the park. I can hang on to a bar to do pull-ups just fine but trying to maintain grip while swinging from bar to bar is completely different.

15 Irresistible Vegan Popsicles to Make This Summer

Alright! I need some popsicle recipes. I have some popsicle molds just sitting in the cabinet waiting to be used. I can’t wait to try these.

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